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For Teams and Businesses Adopting and Scaling New Workplace and Marketplace Practices are a Pain Point

We've Validated The Science and Change Approach With Trusted Brands To Help Solve This Problem For Teams and Businesses -- Here's How It Works

Cultural Assessment
When on-boarding, members complete a profile and proprietary behavioral based cultural maturity assessment.
Cultural Maturity Scoring and Modeling
Members receive a cultural maturity score and our data modeling provides a dashboard the measures on-going employee engagement and cultural maturity.
Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
Based on the members’ cultural maturity score, our integrated science and technology curates personalized content for the member and improving their level of cultural maturity throughout their employee lifecycle.

We Worked With Big And Innovative Companies To Get This Right

Our Why

Our "why" at Reframe is to close that cultural gap between the workplace and marketplace.

In 2016, Reframe conducted a research study to understand brand’s future of work and marketplace readiness. We found most organizations is two to three generations culturally removed from the new marketplace. Why does this matter?

THE IMPACT of closing the workplace cultural gap and increasing cultural maturity from the inside, out:
  • A reduction in talent acquisition costs and higher return on human capital management
  • Retain and elevate women and people of color (POC).
  • Reduce biases, inequities and income gaps.
  • Increase workplace engagement and grow market share.

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  • User Profile
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Community Feed
  • Service and Support – Tickets Only
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    Essentials Plus:
  • Add Team Members
  • Add Groups
  • Admin Panel
  • On-Boarding and Training (Video Only)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Service and Support – Live Chat
11-999 Seats
    Teams Plus:
  • Event Management System (EMS)
  • Curriculum
  • Publication
  • Events
  • Custom Measurement and Reporting
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    Pro Plus:
  • On-site and On-line Cultural Assessment
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Live On-Boarding and Training
  • Priority Customer Service and Support

Customer Success

The Ask
The Ask
Develop a modern and inclusive employee engagement platform.
  1. Cultural Assessment
  2. Employee Experience and Engagement Design
  3. Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
  1. Enterprise acceptance and delivery
  2. Integrated brand purpose and pillars
  3. On-going cultural content and curriculum
The Ask
Assess and develop a modern workplace for the new marketplace.
  1. Cultural Assessment
  2. Employee Experience and Engagement Design
  3. Learning and Development (Content)
  4. Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
  1. Transparency • Understand level of cultural maturity
  2. Informed learning and development curriculum (content)
  3. Piloting ERM platform
The Ask
Assess and provide a cultural strategy across three(3) retail business units.
  1. Cultural Assessment
  2. Learning and Development (Content)
  3. Employee Experience and Engagement Design
  1. Transparency • Understand level of cultural maturity
  2. Informed experience and engagement delivery
  3. Ongoing measurement and reporting of cultural maturity

Resources To Help You Accelerate Closing The Gap

Reframe on how to assess and understand your company's level of cultural maturity. A high level guide and overview of our cultural assessment tool.
Read about how Reframe helped companies modernize their workplace approach using our cultural assessment, employee engagement and employee relationship management features (ERM).
Reframe is currently researching and writing about how companies are modernizing their workplace for the future of work using the Reframe Total Market Enterprise™ (TME) approach.
Monthly Subscription • Easy Set-up • Cancel Anytime