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Two Culturally Transformative Companies Converge in Collaboration: Remaking Corporate America To Reflect the New America
July 14, 2020

The Dual Partnership Aims to Drive Awareness that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Not Enough To Save Corporate America. Jeffrey L. Bowman (CEO) and Safraz Sears (CTO), co-founders of Reframe – an enterprise SaaS tech company, are on a journey to transform Corporate America to reflect New America and help People Leaders provide the best …

The People Leaders Platform | Introducing Reframe
June 4, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Reframe believes the world would be a better place if it was easier for People Leaders to build the best experiences for their employees no matter where they work and live. Right now, People Leaders are carrying a heavy load while managing a work from anywhere workforce and cultural tension. With no walls between work …

Reimagine The Workplace and Marketplace In The Age of Accelerations
May 19, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 1PM EST/ 10AM PST is the first Reframe LIVE! Change Summit.  It is a free virtual event on the Reframe People Operations Platform.  Many states are “Reopening” businesses as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Governor Cuomo made this statement at one of his daily COVID – 19 press conferences …

The Reframe People Operations Guide Survey
April 20, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

On April 6, 2020 we released an initial guide for helping people leaders navigate the workplace now and post COVID – 19.  Unthinkable times require category leadership and collaboration in solving our way out of this once-in-a generation public health crisis.   We invite you to complete our people operations guide survey because we would like to hear about how you are …

A Playbook For Organizations Looking to Build Better and Inclusive Employee Relationships Now and Post COVID – 19
April 6, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Unthinkable times require category leadership and collaboration in solving our way out of this once-in-a generation public health crisis.  People leaders and operations (Ops) leaders around the world are looking for innovative, diverse and inclusive guidance for what comes after COVID-19.    This is why we are releasing a free People Leaders Guide and Event Series …

Three Critical Actions for Building a Mobile and Inclusive Workplace
March 16, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Because of COVID-19, people leaders across large and small companies are forced to act swiftly and mobilize their entire workforce. For CEOs and people leaders, the number one priority in the workplace is public health and number two is human capital and performance management. Many analysts predict this new normal of a decentralized and mobile …

A Decade Old Question That Led to the Making of the Reframe People Operations (Ops) Platform
January 2, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

In partnership with my co-founder and CTO, a decade of researching, co – developing, testing, learning and 10 months of making the Reframe People Operations platform, we release our software pilot today! The Reframe People Ops platform helps accelerate change and growth by personalizing the workplace. Our product design is different because the build is …

What is the Reframe Employee Experience Platform?
July 15, 2019
Jeffrey L. Bowman
Technology That Personalizes the Workplace

We started Reframe as a service company with ambitions of helping big companies accelerate change and marketplace growth that reflect the Future of the Marketplace.  With a large technology and media company as our charter client, April 2015 we began our “start-up” journey, grew quickly and expanded into other industries like financial services, travel and …

Why Another Human Resources (HR) Technology Stack?
July 2, 2019
Jeffrey L. Bowman
Accelerating modern and sustainable change from the inside, out.

After months of planning, designing product wireframes, writing code and user testing with companies, we released our ‘beta’ employee experience platform yesterday.  The product helps teams and businesses increase employee retention, productivity and engagement while accelerating growth by personalizing the workplace. Given the number of HR software platforms buried and now in sunset, why another …

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