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Two Culturally Transformative Companies Converge in Collaboration: Remaking Corporate America To Reflect the New America
July 14, 2020

The Dual Partnership Aims to Drive Awareness that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Not Enough To Save Corporate America. Jeffrey L. Bowman (CEO) and Safraz Sears (CTO), co-founders of Reframe – an enterprise SaaS tech company, are on a journey to transform Corporate America to reflect New America and help People Leaders provide the best …

Three Critical Actions for Building a Mobile and Inclusive Workplace
March 16, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Because of COVID-19, people leaders across large and small companies are forced to act swiftly and mobilize their entire workforce. For CEOs and people leaders, the number one priority in the workplace is public health and number two is human capital and performance management. Many analysts predict this new normal of a decentralized and mobile …

Reframe People Ops Platform Pilot – How Does It Work?
January 21, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Reframe is Salesforce for people leaders. A people operations (ops) platform that helps accelerate change and growth by personalizing the workplace. For the last decade we’ve been researching, co-developing, testing and learning our way into how to accelerate change and growth that reflects the Future of Work for Fortune 1K companies. Companies hired Reframe services, …

A Decade Old Question That Led to the Making of the Reframe People Operations (Ops) Platform
January 2, 2020
Jeffrey L. Bowman

In partnership with my co-founder and CTO, a decade of researching, co – developing, testing, learning and 10 months of making the Reframe People Operations platform, we release our software pilot today! The Reframe People Ops platform helps accelerate change and growth by personalizing the workplace. Our product design is different because the build is …

Demographic Suppression – What is it?
July 7, 2019
Jeffrey L. Bowman
What does it mean to the Future of Work and Marketplace?

Last week, the United States Supreme Court struck down the act of adding a question to the U.S. Census:  “Are you a United States Citizen?” The decision has significant implications to the Future of Work and Marketplace.  Although the decision was not taken well by President Trump, efforts continue to explore alternative actions like asking …

Industry Leaders Partner to Host the Inaugural Reframe Change Summit – Future of Work and Marketplace
April 11, 2019

Last week was a great moment for New York and  Ecosystems across Tech, Retail, Brand, Advertising and Media.  It was the first of many conversations about building a modern Future of Work and Marketplace. It was a two day summit with subject matter experts and facilitators sharing workplace and marketplace change playbooks.    The result: …

Reframe Change Summit – Programming and Curriculum
February 24, 2019
Jeffrey L. Bowman
Curriculum and Executive Education for Sustainable Change

On April 3rd and 4th, 2019 at the Reframe Change Summit (RCS) in New York City, we will present new programming and curriculum that delivers sustainable change that reflects the Future of Work and Marketplace.  The programming and curriculum is the result of years of testing with big brands and took learnings from our Master …

Reframe Change Summit – Speakers and Facilitators
February 19, 2019
Jeffrey L. Bowman

Last Spring I was attending a conference focused on diverse human capital management.  The speakers were amazing, the room was filled with senior leaders across tech, brand, advertising and media.  Everyone was aligned on the change required and  left the room locked and loaded to make change happen.  No new playbook for change was discussed.  …

The Employee Experience Era In the Age of Acceleration
February 7, 2019
Jeffrey L. Bowman
The Race to Addressable Employee Data

Last month we started accepting pre-orders  for the Reframe Employee Experience Platform.  We got out first pre-order of 500 seats within a matter days.  The reason for the order?  The buyer has a decentralized workforce and liked our workplace tools.  The tools help to better manage and personalize employee communications, training  and engagement. Within the …

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