Cultural Maturation Phase IV: The Leading Stage
September 6, 2017
Staff Writer
The Leading Stage

Companies who are both practicing enterprise cultural maturation and establishing best practices are in Phase IV of their cultural maturation. Taking action is commonplace. Optimizing those actions becomes the focus. This time of informed reflection and refinement is known as “The Leading Phase.” While some departments within larger enterprises may be nearing this phase, few …

Cultural Maturation Phase III: The Practicing Stage
August 30, 2017
Staff Writer
The Practicing Stage

By the time a company has reached Phase III of its enterprise cultural maturation, it has a clear mission and buy in from many stakeholders. It’s moved beyond investigating different approaches and is beginning to try some on for size. Because companies in Phase III are taking action, but still in the early stages of …

Cultural Maturation Phase II: The Growing Stage
August 23, 2017
Staff Writer
The Growing Stage

A company in Phase II of its cultural maturation journey is one that has acknowledged the gap between its current workplace and the new marketplace. It identifies strongly with the first of the 5S’s, Structural change, and is moving forward with a clear objective as to how to unlock new marketplace and workplace value. However, A …

Cultural Maturation Phase I: The Forming Stage
August 14, 2017
Staff Writer
Getting Started...The Forming Stage

Overview – In our prior post we outlined the necessity behind examining your company to evaluate how prepared your employees truly are.  But how do you assess whether your workplace and go-to-market approach is new marketplace ready? And what metrics do we use to understand where your organization falls on the spectrum of cultural maturity? Phase I – The Forming …

Assessing Your Organization’s Level of Cultural Maturity
August 7, 2017
Staff Writer
What AreThe Five Ss

A NEW SERIES FOR A NEW AGE We are living in an age of acceleration. The population is shifting, rapidly building towards a new majority. A majority that is described in terms of plurality. One that rebukes the best practices of multiculturalism in favor of a more poly- cultural society. Thus, it is in the interest of every company …

The Era Of Cultural Maturation In The Workplace
August 2, 2017
Staff Writer
A Cultural Assessment In The Workplace

One to one employee engagement We live in an era where medicine is personalized, where marketing is 1:1, and where tech platforms make personal recommendations commonplace. And yet, we’ve failed to fully apply this logic to our employees and the workplace. For the first time ever, technology and content are providing workplace professionals the means …

MillerCoors Marketing Executive Shares How They Are Working to #CLOSETHEGAP
July 31, 2017
Elisa Cool

As Director of Foresight & Design at MillerCoors, just one of Ben Feeney’s responsibilities is to #closethegap between MillerCoors’ current workplace and the new marketplace.  This means change management throughout the marketing department. We recently caught up with him to learn more about how he acknowledged this need and what changes he’s a part of at MillerCoors. Ben, can …

Do You Have a #closethegap Action Plan?
July 7, 2017
Staff Writer
Step 1:  What is Your  Cultural Maturation Score?

Last month we released a major insight from a year-long study, the workplace is two generations culturally removed from the new marketplace©. Following the release of the research and findings in our State of the Total Market Industry Vertical Report, our writers collaborated to develop a five-part series about the phases of culture  We’re sure many wondered about the business case …

Cultural Maturity Defined
July 6, 2017
Staff Writer

In our last five posts we learned that many of us share a gap in our cultural know-how, especially when it comes to the new marketplace. This gap prevents us from addressing our total market accurately, leaving us ill prepared to effectively engage much of the new marketplace. In simpler terms, we are missing out …

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