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Do You Have a #closethegap Action Plan?
July 7, 2017
Staff Writer
Step 1:  What is Your  Cultural Maturation Score?

Last month we released a major insight from a year-long study, the workplace is two generations culturally removed from the new marketplace©. Following the release of the research and findings in our State of the Total Market Industry Vertical Report, our writers collaborated to develop a five-part series about the phases of culture  We’re sure many wondered about the business case …

Cultural Maturity Defined
July 6, 2017
Staff Writer

In our last five posts we learned that many of us share a gap in our cultural know-how, especially when it comes to the new marketplace. This gap prevents us from addressing our total market accurately, leaving us ill prepared to effectively engage much of the new marketplace. In simpler terms, we are missing out …

Trans-Cultural Defined
June 30, 2017
Staff Writer
The Five Stages of Culture - Stage 5

Transcultural – Seeing oneself “in the other” Trans means across or beyond. Transcultural is rooted in the breaking down of boundaries and the concept that no one culture “belongs” to any one group. Put simply, no one’s culture is predetermined for them. Marketers use it to describe people in the marketplace who were “born into” …

Poly-Cultural Defined
June 29, 2017
Staff Writer
The Five Stages of Culture - Stage 4

Poly-cultural – A term for an assertion that all of the world’s cultures are interrelated Poly means many or much, it also means to combine form. A polycultural marketplace is one that is comprised of blended cultures. Polycultural marketers know that their marketplace is not only made up of a mosaic of individuals, from different …

Cross-Cultural Defined
June 27, 2017
Staff Writer
The Five Stages of Culture - Stage 3

Cross-cultural – Celebration of attitudes and behaviors shared across several groups  In the United States, practices established by the US Census Bureau often shape how we define value based on race and ethnicity. This impacts how we use and understand terms like cross-cultural. Here’s why. The term “multicultural” is commonly used in the same context as the term “minority.” This …

Multi-Cultural Defined
June 19, 2017
Staff Writer
The Five Stages of Culture - Stage 2

Multi-cultural – Celebration of attitudes and behaviors relating to, or comprised of several groups The term multicultural is the most frequently referenced term of all of the marketplace groups. This is why it’s important to make certain we’re all communicating the same sentiment when we use terms like “multicultural.” Synonym – Pluralism Where you might have seen …

Mono-Cultural Defined
June 18, 2017
Staff Writer
The Five Stages of Culture:  Stage 1

Monocultural – Celebration of attitudes and behaviors relating to, or comprised of one dominant group. The term monocultural is used in marketing to describe a marketplace where the individuals share a strong bond based on a shared identity. Monoculturalism in the workplace can limit broader thinking and prevent that organization from connecting with those who do …

The New Currency for Diversity & Inclusion
June 17, 2017
Danielle Bell
A Modern Workplace Culture

Here’s an idea. At the consumer point of purchase instead of clicking “Buy” or, handing the cashier a form of payment, the consumer signs a document pledging their commitment to support the brands and companies in their shopping cart. No money is exchanged, ever, for the goods or services they received. Let’s think of it …

The Age of Accelerations
June 12, 2017
Jeffrey L. Bowman
The Workplace Much Change To Meet The Demands of the New Marketplace

What if I told you that over the last five decades the approach that companies and agencies have used to address the marketplace and how companies attract and retain women and minorities in the workplace share the same problem?  What if I said after 15 months of researching the issue, we believe we have the solution and …