Our Leadership Team

Jeffrey Bowman
Co-Founder | CEO
Safraz Sears
Co-Founder | Technology

Our Advisors

Lindsay Freeman Avagliano
Michael Farello
Linda M. Holliday
Michael Kaushansky
Mitch Kraskin
Clarence Mitchell
Tanya Odom

Press Highlights

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The stock price of Weight Watchers took a heavy-duty jump in the wake of the news that Oprah Winfrey had made a $43 million investment...
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The cross-cultural point of view uses insights from both the general and multicultural markets, celebrating the similarities and as well as the differences...
One message, or many?
“The ethnic ad model has not changed since the 1960s,” says Jeffrey Bowman, head of OgilvyCulture...“
Conversations With Giants Ep. 31 - Jeffrey Bowman
Jeffrey Bowman, Founder and CEO of REFRAME: The Brand™, joins John to talk management consulting, what Jeffrey calls the new majority opportunity...