Reframe Change Learning Events

Learning content and experiences play a significant role in advancing your Future of Work and Marketplace agenda. It is the center of our universe and is an entry point for employees to close their gaps between the workplace and marketplace. We provide learning event services for both workplace and marketplace executive education.

At Reframe we can build the experience that fits your organizational needs and personalize the experience from the inside, out or the outside, in.

For teams and businesses, we help companies increase employee retention, engagement and productivity while reducing operating costs by personalizing the employee experience. Our learning event services is one of many ways we help companies become new workplace and marketplace ready.

Reframe Learning Events

A 1 Day Virtual Change Summit focused on the Future of Work and Marketplace.
May 20th, 2020
For teams and businesses, a virtual 6 - week change accelerator.
Oct 1st, 2020
A 2 Day Change Summit focused on the Future of Work and Marketplace with Curriculum.
April 3rd - 4th, 2019

Features and Benefits

  • On-site or away from your corporate campus, we provide premium learning experiences via speaker, panel, 1-on-1 advisory or a Reframe Change Summit Pop-up event.
  • Quality learning content delivery that reflects the Future of Work and Marketplace.
  • It is not an event, it is a learning experience where we work with you to plan throughout the employee journey; pre-event, event and post event stages.
  • Integrated Workplace Change and Marketplace Change curriculum presented via a workshop format, panel or host on the Reframe Employee Experience Platform.
  • Measurable and effective outcomes.