The first step to building a workplace with engaged employees, personalized experiences and continuous improvement are employee assessments. Why Buy?Get access to to tools to help understand workplace and employee gaps, get recommended actions and data to help inform your employee design experience.

Product Features:Employee Profile, Cultural Assessments, Cultural Maturity Scoring, Modeling, Employee Segmentation, Measurement and Dashboard Reporting

Product Benefits:Uncover workplace and employee cultural blind spots and biases, understand what you need to learn and identify commonalities as well as nuances for closing your workplace and employee gaps.

Move beyond knowing workplace and employee gaps to start “doing the work” for continuous improvement. Why Buy?Reframe products and services help teams and businesses scale and accelerate effective outcomes with personalized experiences. Our products provide the right experience for the formal and informal learner.

Product Features:Learning management system (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), Community Management, Individual, Teams and Groups Management, Measurement and Reporting, Digital Badges and Certificates

Product Benefits:Integrated tools in one place for one view of your workplace and employee experience.

For teams and businesses, do you want hyper accelerate employee growth and performance? Why Buy?Personalize the employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle while increasing employee retention and reward.

Product Features:Dedicated Community Manager, Personalized L&D Curriculum, Mentorship, Coaching and Rewards Program

Product Benefits:Immediate Personalization at Scale, Benchmarking, Measurement, Reporting, Increase Employee Retention While Building an Inclusive Culture and High Performance Organization For The Future of Work

Our Why

Our "why" at Reframe is to close that cultural gap between the workplace and marketplace.

In 2016, Reframe conducted a research study to understand brand’s future of work and marketplace readiness. We found most organizations is two to three generations culturally removed from the new marketplace. Why does this matter?

THE IMPACT of closing the workplace cultural gap and increasing cultural maturity from the inside, out:
  • A reduction in talent acquisition costs and higher return on human capital management
  • Retain and elevate women and people of color (POC).
  • Reduce biases, inequities and income gaps.
  • Increase workplace engagement and grow market share.
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