Our Workplace Change Approach

For Chief Talent Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Communications Officers and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers looking to increase employee retention, engagement and productivity while reducing operating costs, the Reframe innovative workplace change approach accelerates and scale their future of work readiness.

Workplace Change Service Offerings

  • Cultural Assessment
    The first step to workplace change is knowing where your organization stands. Through our software and services, we design and facilitate employee 1-on-1 interviews, workshops and provide recommendations for accelerating your organization’s growth and change strategy.
  • Organization Change
    Change is never easy! Through our advisors, we provide advisory and consulting services for helping teams and businesses design their organizational structure, change strategy, roadmap, milestones, employee engagement strategy, learning content and delivery.
  • Education and Training
    We literally wrote the book for modernizing your workplace for the new marketplace. Through our advisors and on-line resources, we help teams and business scale their change strategy and deepen the change learning “by doing and experiencing” content facilitated on-line or off-line.
  • Business Acceleration
    The fastest path to growth is having internal alignment and knowing who your best employee(s) is and is not. Through our Reframe Change guidebook and workshop, we help senior leaders align on the workplace ambition, retention, engagement, resources and the speed of change required to change achieve their ambition.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
    If you only have race, gender, tenure or job function as your only employee identifier, then you likely do not know enough about your employee’s workplace experience, hence why they stay or leave. With our advisors, we help teams and businesses get employee insight about their sentiment and their overall employee experience using qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Peronas and Journies
    We build employee personas and journeys for teams and businesses looking to personalize their workplace by first starting with their most valuable asset: Their Employees. Through our advisors and qualitative research we help companies diagnose employee drop-off, when, where and why they leave by gaining a better understanding of employee sentiment (barriers and drivers) and their workplace experience.
  • Cultural Strategy
    Our belief is the word ‘Culture’ is overused and often misguided. We use and apply the word culture and the five stages of cultural maturity as defined by social science. With our advisors, we help teams and businesses modernize their workplace culture by assessing their workplace culture and it moving from a mono- to multi- to cross- and poly-cultural workplace.
  • Experience and Engagement
    Employee experience and engagement is where the rubber meets the road when building a workplace that reflects the future of work. With our advisors, we help teams and businesses understand each stage of their employees’ journey in the workplace. Once we have the design right, we work with you to deliver through the Reframe Employee Experience Platform or your preferred software provider.
  • Creative and Content
    If the experience and engagement is the blueprint for the workplace change strategy, then creative and content is the inspiration for reaching your employee’s hearts and minds. With our advisors, we take the learnings and insight to deliver creative and content that reflects the workplace of the future.

Features and Benefits

  • A step by step guide for workplace change using our proprietary workplace change approach.
  • Best in class learnings from more than six years of development that will accelerate your internal change with stakeholders and external partners.
  • Get an understanding of key workplace questions, get them answered and know who needs to be on the team across the organization for effectiveness.
  • Take the guess work out of the approach, steps and key actions for your workplace project team.
  • Why invest the time of “making up” your version of operationalizing a workplace change approach when we can guide you with our trusted advisors and consultants along the way

Workplace Change Resources

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